W&M Wine Society Constitution

The College of William & Mary Wine Society


The mission of the College of William & Mary Wine Society is to help promote the appreciation and enjoyment of wine. This will take place through wine tastings led by experts in the field along with other special events especially catered to aid in learning about wine and how to taste it properly. Learning about what one tastes will undoubtedly enhance one’s enjoyment of wine. We hope to educate all of our members, regardless of their level of expertise or interest, from bottles of wine that can be purchased in the supermarket to the top Grand Cru Classé.

  1. I. Membership:

Membership of this society is open to all undergraduate and graduate students over the age of 21 at the College of William & Mary for a special student membership rate for one semester. Membership is also open to all faculty at the College for a faculty membership rate for one semester. The executive committee shall determine the membership rate for both students and faculty at the beginning of the semester, which should take into account the amount of wine tastings that will be held during the course of the semester in addition to any special events such as dinners. Students and faculty can sign up to become a member at any time during the semester.

a)     In addition to a semester membership rate, members will be subject to an event fee, which will be advertised before each event. This event fee will take into account the number of wines each member will taste at each event and the nature of the event itself. Wine tastings shall traditionally be priced nearly the same keeping with the spirit of a student society, although this entirely should depend on the type and price of wines that will be tasted.

b)    Once an event is advertised, members will have an opportunity to sign up if they are interested in attending. Therefore, it is not mandatory for members to attend every advertised event. Once the number of members has reached the pre-determined maximum number for an event, then the event shall be closed. It is incumbent on members to provide money for the event fee on the day of the event. If money for the event fee is not provided, that particular member will not be allowed to participate. It is also incumbent on members to notify the executive committee if they are unable to attend, as the number of people attending will determine how many bottles will be purchased.

c)     In special circumstances, there will be a guest fee offered for non-members, although members receive priority in signing up for all events. Traditionally, guests will be allowed to attend on behalf of sponsorship of at least one member.

II. Executive Committee:

All Executive Committee members shall serve one academic year terms.

a)     President: There shall be a president who will oversee all events carried out by the society. The President shall be the main person for contact of the society to the College of William & Mary as well as being the chief outside representative. The President will be chiefly responsible for the organization and its rules. The President shall communicate with the executive committee before the creation of an event. Any event must be approved by a majority of members on the executive committee. One executive committee member shall accompany the President when purchasing any materials (such as bottles or glasses) for an event created by the organization when utilizing the organization’s funds. The President is also required to notify all members of individual events by e-mail.

b)    Vice President: The Vice President’s main role is to step in as president if the president is unable to attend an event. The Vice President shall be in charge of organizing the logistics of ensuring that any visitors who might visit the society arrive at the correct time and location. The Vice President shall also be charged with receiving any materials that may be needed for a wine tasting (such as bottles or glasses).

c)     Treasurer: The treasurer shall be charged with running the society’s accounts. This includes receiving payment for membership as well as receiving payment for individual events. The Treasurer will also be charged with maintaining current and active lists of all members to ensure that anyone wishing to attend an event be recorded as a paid member for the semester.

d)    Secretary: The Secretary shall record all notes for any executive committee meetings and will also be charged with advertising for events on behalf of the society around campus. The Secretary will be charged with checking for proper identification that clearly states age before members attend any event, to ensure that no one under 21 is permitted to attend. The Secretary shall also be charged with keeping lists of members interested in attending an advertised event. The Secretary shall aid the Treasurer in receiving individual event fees by members who sign up. The Secretary shall also aid the President in provide proper notification for members of individual events.

e)     Appointed Positions:

  • IT Officer: Shall be appointed by the executive committee and will be charged with running the society’s web presence. This member does not necessarily have to be a due paying member of the society.
  • Any other appointed positions shall be created by the executive committee if there is sufficient need to do so. If membership of the society exceeds forty, it would be appropriate to begin initiation of a Standing Committee to aid the executive officers in running the organization. Members of the standing committee shall be appointed by the executive committee and should be due-paying members of the society before being appointed. It shall be the discretion of the executive committee to decide the number of members of the standing committee, which shall be determined as a number appropriate enough to support the society at any given time.

f)     Election of the Executive Committee:

  • Elections shall take place for one-year terms before the last wine society event of the academic year.
  • All positions will be open for nomination in which the current executive committee will vote for each position. To be eligible for nomination, preference will be given to due-paying members.
  • A candidate then submits their name to be considered for a position. If an executive committee member decides to run for a position again, they shall submit their name to be considered for an additional one-year term.
  • Once a final date for nominations has been established, the executive committee shall consider each individual running for each position and shall vote on each position by majority vote. In a case of a tie, the current President shall have the tie-breaking vote. If there is not a sufficient amount of individuals running for places on the executive committee, positions shall be filled when the new academic year has commenced. This once again will take place under the same guidelines as selecting executive committee members during the school year.
  • If any executive committee member were to resign their duties during the academic year, nominations shall take place for the position and the remaining members of the executive committee shall vote on the nominee by majority vote.
  • If an executive committee member is deemed as not performing their required duties and obligations, a majority of the executive committee can remove that individual from office by majority vote after two warnings.

III. Meetings of the Society:

Meetings of the College of William & Mary shall take place on campus, although some events may warrant traveling to off-campus sites, such as a vineyard or a wine shop. All events hosted by the society are not mandatory and instead chosen by members if they would like to attend. Indeed, all events shall be properly advertised to members who will then sign up to events if interested in attending. All events will have a pre-advertised event-fee in which members are expected to pay in advance. Failure to submit payment to any event will prevent a member from attending. Members must notify one member of the executive committee if they are unable to attend any event that they may sign up for, otherwise Members will also be subject to still paying the event fee. Members are also permitted to bring guests (for a higher fee) to events, although all due-paying members shall receive priority.

IV. Dues:

As stipulated in Amendment I, there will be one membership fee for each semester that will take into account the number of tastings that will occur and will be determined by the executive committee. This pre-determined fee is required to be paid by any individual wanting to attend an event run by the society, unless they attend as a guest on behalf of another due-paying member. All events are subject to an additional fee, for which members have the discretion to sign up for on their own and are required to pay prior to event starting. Failure to submit payment to any event prevents a member from attending. Failure to notify one member of the executive committee if a member or guest signs up for an event and is unable to attend after twenty-four hour notification is subject to pay for the event fee. Any event fee shall be determined by the executive committee in keeping with the nature of the event and the costs associated with running it. The semester membership fee for both students and faculty should be accessible and shall be determined by the executive committee prior to the first event of the semester taking place.

V. Amendments:

Any amendments that are added to this constitution shall be proposed during an executive committee meeting and will debated for its germaneness to the society’s rules. If it is indeed ruled as germane by all members on the executive committee, it shall be adopted as an amendment. If there any objections to the amendment by any member of the executive committee, it shall not stand and should be proposed at another time.


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